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January 10, 2019
by jake22sw

The Story of the painted lion eyes

The story ofthe painted lion eyes:

A girl and a dragon were dear friends. One day the dragon said he must go and said she couldn’t see him ever again. The dragon said when you have great Joy and sadness look at the lions eyes, when they turn red you must leave and grab the rod. Then when she became old her daughter had a baby. But the daughter didn’t make it. She saw the lions eyes and left. She grabed the rod and after the destruction she whent and lived on a mountain.

January 9, 2019
by jake22sw

The Story Of The Widow’s Embroidery

The story of the Widow’s Embroidery:


There once was a widow who was extremely skilled at embroidery.

When she went to the store she saw a man selling a painting.

Without thinking she spent all her money on it.

She started embroidering a replica of it. It took her years to embroider it.

When she was done she told her son that she would die without it.

Then her replica flew out the window. Her son went after it. At the last minute her son saved the Embroidery.

January 9, 2019
by jake22sw
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The story of the paper of answers


The story of the paper of answers:

A man was about to be king. He saw a man drop his bucket of water.
The king helps pick it up. The king says you remind me of a old friend.
The man says if I was a old friend for your wedding gift ask your dad for the paper in the lion’s
mouth. That day the king asked for the papers. His father says okay. He reads the paper in
the day and there is nothing special. He stays until night and realized he can only read it at
night. He figures he should guide the water. He makes ditches around the river, and it works.



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