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How to Comment


1. For comments I would ask some quetions.

2. Maybe you can also start up a conversation.

3. Don’t say “I like your post”, say “I like your post, what made you say this.”

4. Another thing is don’t say anything insulting.

5. Don’t say any personal information.

So that is how you make good comment in my way.


  1. Your ideas about a good comment are good and I agree with them. Comments are an important part of the interaction online, but they can be detrimental and hurtful if not carefully crafted. I like the way you expressed your ideas in this post.

  2. Hi Jake,
    Questions are a great way to start up and expand a conversation. How do you like blogging so far? Or maybe a better question is, what do you like about blogging and what do you NOT like about blogging?

    • Hi cindy,

      I think blogging is pretty nice, although I do not like how if you don’t save it it deletes.

      Do you like blogging and why or why not?

      • Jake,
        I have had that deleting thing happen to me several times and it is so frustrating. I’ve started copying and pasting the text into a different document, just in case it happens. Maybe you could try that?
        I do not have a blog myself, although I’ve always wanted to start one. I can’t quite figure out what I want to say. I’m a volunteer commenter for this blogging challenge. However, I am inspired by reading so many blogs to maybe finally start one of my own. You guys make it look so easy!
        Keep up the good work.
        North Carolina, USA

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