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April 28, 2019
by jake22sw


Argentina is a great country. They have the best soccer player in the world playing for them. Since they have the best player in the world they have competed in world cups and have won 2 world cups. Different from sports a holiday in Argentina is National Flag Day.  Peoples main natural attraction is Iguazu Falls. If you were wondering the capital of Argentina is buenos aires. I am researching Argentina because I think it is beautiful there and I like Argentina playing soccer.


Argentina facts!

April 19, 2019
by jake22sw


In the USA we have a holiday called Easter. Easter has a lot of festivities. In my family I go down to my Grandma’s for easter. We usually wake up to seeing our Easter baskets full of candy. After that we have a Easter egg hunt. We have two winners, one is for the most eggs and the other is to find the golden egg. Then we have an easter egg dyeing contest. Which you paint Easter eggs. Then we have a traditional Easter dinner. We usually have pork. That is basically what you do on Easter for my family.

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