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June 5, 2019
by jake22sw

Bento box project

I am doing a presentation on the book Heart of a  Samurai. Some instructions are you do not go in order. You can just click on the number inside each box on a picture and it will take you to that description. Enjoy.

May 14, 2019
by jake22sw

“I Am” poem

I am a blizzard

I am cold and deadly

I wonder why the climbers try to go through me.

I hear myself blowing.

I see climbers

I want people to stop climbing my friend Everest.

I am a blizzard

I pretend I am the most giant storm in the world.

I feel mad.

I touch everything in my way.

I worry when climbers attempt to climb unprepared

I cry when my storm kills them

I am a blizzard

I understand why climbers want to climb Everest

I say to go away.

I dream that people will leave.

I try to protect Everest.

I hope they realize before more lives are lost.

I am a blizzard.


( this is the final post for the blogging challenge)

May 2, 2019
by jake22sw


I am reading the book Peak. So far I have read about a boy named Peak climbing a sky scraper and goes to Juvenile detention when he gets caught. He goes to court and they agree that his divorce dad has to take him out of the country. His dad says he is taking him to Thailand but instead he takes him to go to Everest. If you want to know more read the book.




April 28, 2019
by jake22sw


Argentina is a great country. They have the best soccer player in the world playing for them. Since they have the best player in the world they have competed in world cups and have won 2 world cups. Different from sports a holiday in Argentina is National Flag Day.  Peoples main natural attraction is Iguazu Falls. If you were wondering the capital of Argentina is buenos aires. I am researching Argentina because I think it is beautiful there and I like Argentina playing soccer.


Argentina facts!

April 19, 2019
by jake22sw


In the USA we have a holiday called Easter. Easter has a lot of festivities. In my family I go down to my Grandma’s for easter. We usually wake up to seeing our Easter baskets full of candy. After that we have a Easter egg hunt. We have two winners, one is for the most eggs and the other is to find the golden egg. Then we have an easter egg dyeing contest. Which you paint Easter eggs. Then we have a traditional Easter dinner. We usually have pork. That is basically what you do on Easter for my family.

March 15, 2019
by jake22sw

How to Comment

1. For comments I would ask some quetions.

2. Maybe you can also start up a conversation.

3. Don’t say “I like your post”, say “I like your post, what made you say this.”

4. Another thing is don’t say anything insulting.

5. Don’t say any personal information.

So that is how you make good comment in my way.

March 10, 2019
by jake22sw

Blogging challenge adventure

I am writing this blog in my fifth grade book club. We have read When The Sea Turns To Silver and we are now reading the Heart Of A Samurai. This book is historical fiction. We have studied about East Asia in social studies. We also went to China Town to learn about Chinese culture.  I hope you read my blog post every week and like them. Please give me feedback by posting comments.

February 24, 2019
by jake22sw

Th end of When the Sea turns to Silver

Hello, I read the end of the book When the sea turns to silver. You should read the stories in the book because it will all make sense in the end. I was suprised  by the ending. Will pimei and yishan find amah. Read the book to find out. I also rate this book a four out of five.

January 10, 2019
by jake22sw

The Story of the painted lion eyes

The story ofthe painted lion eyes:

A girl and a dragon were dear friends. One day the dragon said he must go and said she couldn’t see him ever again. The dragon said when you have great Joy and sadness look at the lions eyes, when they turn red you must leave and grab the rod. Then when she became old her daughter had a baby. But the daughter didn’t make it. She saw the lions eyes and left. She grabed the rod and after the destruction she whent and lived on a mountain.

January 9, 2019
by jake22sw

The Story Of The Widow’s Embroidery

The story of the Widow’s Embroidery:


There once was a widow who was extremely skilled at embroidery.

When she went to the store she saw a man selling a painting.

Without thinking she spent all her money on it.

She started embroidering a replica of it. It took her years to embroider it.

When she was done she told her son that she would die without it.

Then her replica flew out the window. Her son went after it. At the last minute her son saved the Embroidery.

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