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March 15, 2019
by jake22sw

How to Comment

1. For comments I would ask some quetions.

2. Maybe you can also start up a conversation.

3. Don’t say “I like your post”, say “I like your post, what made you say this.”

4. Another thing is don’t say anything insulting.

5. Don’t say any personal information.

So that is how you make good comment in my way.

March 10, 2019
by jake22sw

Blogging challenge adventure

I am writing this blog in my fifth grade book club. We have read When The Sea Turns To Silver and we are now reading the Heart Of A Samurai. This book is historical fiction. We have studied about East Asia in social studies. We also went to China Town to learn about Chinese culture.  I hope you read my blog post every week and like them. Please give me feedback by posting comments.

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